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Dakshin Routes has an internal 3C policy: Colleagues, Clients and Contractors are encouraged and motivated to ensure an all-year round responsible code of conduct. Our aim is to make tourism not just delightful, but also intricately linked to social awareness and cultural sensitivity so the time spent in India is both impactful and rewarding. To achieve this, we count on our partners’ involvement and support to make our CSR initiatives a success.

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India’s only DMC to have a dedicated CSR Foundation

Dakshin Routes is India’s only Destination Management Company to have a dedicated CSR foundation. Called Shaping Lives, the foundation aims not only to pursue our CSR goals but also to create and facilitate bridges between carefully selected NGOs and those inbound clients keen to leave a memorable social and philanthropic footprint during their travels in India.

For more information about Shaping Lives, click here
3P structure

3P structure

As a responsible DMC, we understand and embody the concept of the 3P structure: People, Planet, and Profit. Appreciative and cognizant of the fact that sustainability can only be achieved by practicing responsible tourism, we strive to integrate TBL or Triple Bottom Line accounting into our business framework so as to ensure a beneficial impact on the social, environmental, and financial aspects of our business as well as fulfil community needs in the tourism destinations we operate in.

Environmental welfare

Environmental welfare

We are mindful of the inevitable environmental impact of sustained visits to any tourist destination. It is, therefore, our constant endeavour to reduce this impact to the minimum possible. We effectively ensure this by careful pre-selection of our hospitality and transport partners, maximum use of local resources, and advisories on social, traditional, and religious protocol to all clients holidaying with us. Further, we offer alternative green options to like-minded, conscious clients to reduce our collective carbon footprint significantly.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare

We follow strict internal rules and the country’s legally mandated guidelines in pursuit of Animal Welfare policies, and we reserve the right to terminate contracts with conflicting associates. We have partnered with and support many NGOs across India which provide shelter and take care of animals. One example is the Agra Bear Rescue project - a bear rescue facility famously known for their work of rescuing and rehabilitating ‘dancing bears’ or Sloth Bears.

Child Welfare

Child welfare

At Dakshin Routes, colleagues and associates believe in helping children rediscover their lost smiles. We pioneer and support several projects aimed at uplifting the lives of underprivileged children and ensuring that they get a good education; and actively engage our clients and partners in order to make these projects a success. We follow strict internal rules and adhere diligently to the country’s legally mandated guidelines of Child Protection policies, reserving the right to terminate contracts with conflicting associates.

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