Enjoy the coffee and uneven terrains of Coorg

Nitesh Kakkar Noida I really love the taste of coffee and whenever I get to the South of India I celebrate the typical way of coffee making here. Go and explore its special ritual.

Coorg is blessed with nature’s abundant beauty. Also known as Kodagu, this hill station, located amidst the ageless mountains that guard the southernmost part of the state of Karnataka, is any tourist’s delight. From the uneven terrains to lush green valleys to thick forests, Coorg offers an experience, which is both scenic and adventurous.

The Nishani Motte Trek, although not a very well-known trail, is perfect for those who seek a well-rounded experience. Not only does the peak offer an amazing view of the Brahmagiri range but the entire route boasts of ridge walks, meadows and pristine forests. And what adds to the thrilling adventure is Coorg’s white water rafting and the stay in the anti-poaching camp in the forest.

For those of you who love your daily dose of coffee, Coorg is a place you’ll love visiting, as it is renowned for its lush...

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