Meenakshi Aman Temple

Piyush Upapdhyay Pune "I witnessed the celestial marriage of goddess Meenakshi (Parvati) with Sundareswarar (Lord Shiva) in the beautifully decorated Kalyana Mandapam during the Chithirai festival in April. The energy and the enthusiasm of the people gathered for the ceremony was infectious."

The 12 Gopurams (tall towers) are the first thing you’ll notice as you draw close to the Meenakshi Aman Temple. They are strikingly beautiful structures that are decorated with thousands of finely sculpted statues of various gods, goddesses and demons.

You would need at least 2-4 hours to tour the entire temple complex because it is huge and has several shrines spread over 45 acres of land. Walking through the stunning thousand-pillared hall to the “Kambathadi Mandapa” is an experience in itself. Some of the pillars in this hall are identified as musical pillars. Wonder why?  Well, that’s because when you tap them, they produce some musical notes. Also, do visit the colorful flower market on the West Avani Moola Street before entering the temple. Its air fills up with the fragrance of the fresh flowers every morning. 


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