Happy shopping in North Goa!

Cynthia D'Souza Goa "I am not much of a shopaholic but strolling through the Calangute Market Square was one of the best experiences of my trip. I bought some really pretty sarongs and beautiful trinkets made of seashells for myself and my daughter who loved them!"

A string of thatched roofed stalls, made of dry coconut leaves and bamboo sticks with colourful pieces of textile hanging from them is a major attraction in North Goa. Walking through these earthy yet rustic markets, you can discover exquisite local artifacts and savour delicious local cuisines whose flavourful aromas rule over the market’s air. And if you just need to get a taste of life and observe people, these markets offer you the best set up.

For any shopaholic, the Anjuna Flea Market is a paradise, as it is one of the best markets in North Goa. You’ll be spoilt with a wide range of choices that will make it difficult for you to decide what to take back home as souvenirs. And who knows, you’d end up buying a spare bag for all the things you’ve been compelled to pick up from this market. From local handicrafts to spices, clothes, footwear, beachwear,...

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